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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: how newer documents have a better score
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 06:10:09 GMT

: Hi, can anyone give me some pointers on making newer documents have a
: better ranking/score? i.e. documents i indexed today have a higher
: ranking/score in the index than documents that were index yesterday etc

This topic has come up more then once in the past, a good starting point
at an approximation can be found here...

...but there is new a new "FunctionQuery" class in Jira that will allow
for much better way to do this.  In a nut shell: you create a
FunctionQuery object on your (indexed) date field, and add it as an
optional clause to a Boolean query that contains at least one required
clause, and the function provides a score for every doc based on the value
of it's date field.

the code in Jira right now should work as is -- but I believe Yonik has
allready completely rewriten the API to make more sense, so if you wait a
few days it might be easier to use...


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