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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Opening (and building) the lucene source in eclipse
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 13:31:02 GMT

I've not used Eclipse in a long while, and I've not used the new Ant  
project support it has.  It sounds like Eclipse has issues with Ant  
imports as you've surmised, and my recommendation is to simply set up  
a normal Eclipse project.  The source tree to Lucene is extremely  
basic... src/java is the only path you need to add to build the core  
Lucene library.  For the BDBJE stuff, you'll want to check out the  
latest source code of contrib/db where Andi has just committed the  
BDBJE code, and add its source path(s) to your Eclipse project as well.

Not using the Ant project support should be just fine.  I use  
IntelliJ without running Ant through it.  I simply use the command- 
line to run Ant, and the IDE to do iterative development and unit  


On Jan 4, 2006, at 10:08 PM, Colin Young wrote:

> So far I've succeeded in grabbing the latest source (and I can build
> with ant), but now I'm trying to open it in eclipse by creating a new
> "Java Project from Existing And Buildfile," but when I attempt to open
> build.xml, I get an alert telling me that the "Specified buildfile  
> does
> not contain a javac task." Examining the 3 build files, I do see  
> that in
> common-build.xml there appears to be a javac task there. I don't  
> know if
> it's just that the eclipse ant import has trouble following  
> includes, or
> if I'm missing something (I'm not that familiar with either ant or
> eclipse).
> What I'm really trying to do is create a jar with lucene and the  
> Berkely
> DB JE code from Aaron Donovan (ported from Andi Vajda's BDB code).  
> If I
> stick the source into the store/je directory, I get a bunch of errors,
> and I'm sure I could eventually figure them all out, but my life would
> be made much easier with a nice IDE to work in.
> Thanks for any tips (I really hope that in the very near future I'll
> actually be able to contribute something positive once I manage to get
> this thing built).
> Colin
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