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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Does lucene performance suffer with a lot of empty fields ?
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 03:10:52 GMT
: >From what I gather, I can go ahead & create an Index & for each Document &
: only add the relevant fields. Is this correct?
: I should still be able to search with queries like "mel Movies:braveheart".
: Right ?
: Would this impact the search performance ?
: Any other words of caution for me ?

it will absolutely work -- the one performance issue you may want to
consider is that by default a "fieldNorm" is computed for every document
and every field, and these are kept in memory -- there is a way to turn
them off on a per field basis (you have to turn them off for every doc, if
even one doc wants a norm for field X, then every doc gets a norm for
field X)

how to "omitNorms" for a field, and what the pros (save space) and cons
(no "lengthNorm" or "field boosts") are has been discussed extensively in
the past.  search the archives for anything i've put in quotes and you'll
find lots of info on this.


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