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From Scott <>
Subject Searching documents on big index by using ParallelMultiSearcher is slow...
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 04:41:53 GMT

I have a question about ParallelMultiSearcher performance.

I want to search documents on about 10 gigabytes of index.
(The index has 10,000,000 documents.)

I get very slow performance using IndexSearcher with ONE index normally.
Then I tried to use ParallelMultiSearcher with 10 servers of remote

Each search slaves have 1/10 of index.
(ONE index divided to 10 servers.)

Search slave:
Each search slaves start remote searchable RMI server,
and wait connecting from search master.

Search master:
The search master use Naming.lookup() to get remote searchable.
Get 10 remote searchables from each search slaves and build
Then search.

Any solution?


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