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From Patrick Turcotte <>
Subject QueryParser syntax French Operator : DONE!
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2006 14:40:27 GMT

This may not be the best place for this message, sorry if this is the 
case, but since this is the result of a question I asked here, I decided 
to post it here. If I'm in error, please refer me to the best procedure. 

I've completed the desired "patch". I now have a version of the 
QueryParser that can "understand" the AND, OR and NOT keyword in other 

1) Patched from revision 454769 of lucene 2.1dev (trunk)
2) The "ant test" target is still successful when the modified 
QueryParser is used
3) It doesn't break actual code
4) The default behavior is the same as before
5) It has to be deliberately activated
6) It use ResourceBundle to find the keywords translation
7) Comes with FRENCH translation
8) Comes with JUnit testCases
9) Adds 1 public method to QueryParser

So, now, how do I go about sending it all to the those who can decide to 
integrate it? Where? In what format? Etc.


Patrick Turcotte

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