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From Artem <>
Subject Re: Large index question
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2006 20:18:43 GMT
Hello Scott!

I think your index is just not large really. My Sharehound's indexes of my
corporate LAN is about 10G/10mlns of (really small) documents now, and queries
get really little time, less than a second for non-sorted queries and some more
for sorted. The machine is some P4 with 1G RAM. I use just FSDir.

Best regards,

SS> Supposed I want to index 500,000 documents (average document size is
SS> 4kBs).  Let's assume I create a single index and that the index is
SS> static (I'm not going to add any new documents to it).  I would guess
SS> the index would be around 2GB.  


SS> Now, I do searches against this on a somewhat beefy machine (2GB RAM,
SS> Core 2 Duo, Windows XP).  Does anyone have any idea what kinds of search
SS> times I can expect for moderately complicated searches (several sets of
SS> keywords against several fields)?  Are there things I can do to increase
SS> search performance?  For example, does Lucene like lots of RAM, lots of
SS> CPU, faster HD, all of the above?  Am I better splitting the index file
SS> into 2 (N?) versions and search on multiple indexes simultaneously?  


SS> Anyone have any thoughts about this?


SS> Scott 


С уважением,

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