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From "Hes Siemelink" <>
Subject Re: Sudden FileNotFoundException
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2006 12:03:46 GMT
> One helpful thing to do is call IndexWriter.setInfoStream(...) and
> save the resulting output.  This prints details about which segments
> were merged, and what the merged segment name is.  This might provide
> some useful details for example was your deleted segments file one
> that was just merged away, or, was it a segment that was just created
> by merging.

Great tip! I'll try that

Alas, given that that exception is "permanent" when this happens, I
> don't think it's a locking issue (even if the tmp dir sweeps away lock
> files).  Locking issues usually result in transient exceptions (like
> yours) when opening the reader, but once the writer is done
> committing, then readers open fine without exceptions.

OK -- so we rule out the lock dir hypothesis.

You are certain that only one writer is open at a time against the
> index right?  Lucene's write lock tries to ensure that, but still good
> to verify.

Yes,  the application uses one thread per index to update it... I've been
checking possible misuses but I am pretty sure that there is  no other
writer hanging around.

When the exception occurs, is it possible to get a listing of all
> files in the directory?

I've just added that to the source code!

Are there any interesting customizations in your usage of Lucene?

I have a small library wrapped around Lucene to make it work with MMBase
(MMBase Lucene module). But the usage of Lucene classes is pretty
straightforward: opening, updating and closing writers; opening, searching
and closing readers... This seems to work well most of the time. Like I
said, the problem surfaces after a day or so of running on the production
server. I could send some source code if you think it would help.

Thanks for your help!


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