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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: FieldSelectorResult instance descriptions?
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2006 21:22:33 GMT

: If you read the entire source as I did, I becomes clear ! :)
: The interesting code is in FieldsReader.

Not neccessarily.  There can be differneces between how constants are
used and how they are suppose to be used (depending on wether or not the
code using them has any bugs in it)

: NO_LOAD : skip the field, it's value won't be available

Should the client expecation for "NO_LOAD" fileds be that the
Document.getField/getFieldable will return will null, and that
the List returned by getFields() will not contain anything for these
fields, or should clients assume there may be an "empty" Fieldable object
returned by any of these methods (or included in the list)

: LAZY_LOAD : do not load the field value, but if you request it later, it will
: be loaded on request. Note that it can be lazy-loaded only if the reader is
: still opened.

What should clicents expected to happen if the reader has already been

: LOAD_FOR_MERGE : internal use when merging segments: it avoids uncompressing
: and recompressing data, the data is merged "binarily".

this seems like a second-class citizen then correct? not intende for
client code to use in their FieldSelector ? ... so what if the do use
it? ... can they expect the data n the Field object to be uncompressed on
the fly if they attempt to access it later?


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