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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Scoring depending on terms combination
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2006 04:03:37 GMT

: The user searches for the terms A, B, C and D.
: Of-course, the document containing all terms has the highest score. The
: document containing just the terms B and C has a higher score than the
: document containing the terms A and B.
: A+B+C+D > B+C > A+B
: I know the boosting combinations at query time.

that's a pretty specific and not all together intuitive ranking... can you
elaborate on your actual use case? ... why is B+C better then A+B ? .. are
these rules specific to a known list of terms, or is a general rule
relating to how you parse the users input?

off the top of my head, i would suggest building one big BooleanQuery and
putting each of the permutations you care about in it as subqueries with
boosts that corripsond to their importance.  you'll probably want to
disable the coord, and depending on how you want things to work if a doc
matches your "A+B" clause *and* matches your "B+C" clause you may want to
use a DisjunctionMaxQuery with a 0.0f tiebreaker value instead of a


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