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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject RE: de-boosting fields
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2006 23:01:50 GMT

: I've googled for custom scorers and haven't found anything.  If anyone
: can point me to some posts, that would be appreciated.

you really don't need a custom Scorer for what you are describing.  custom
Scorers are used with Custom Query classes, and there's relaly nothing
custom about hte query you are trying to execute.

at a fundemental level, what you really want to do is construct a "Filter"
the restricts your results to a set of "categories", and then "Query"
against it using some "keywords" -- i use pair those concepts up in that
order explicitly because you want your score to be based on the keywords
and not to be based on the categories -- Filtering on keyword and QUerying
on categories would not be what you want.

that said, if you've already got a lot of code written that builds up a
boolean query on the keywords and hte categories and passes it on to
another part of your code base to execute hte search, then setting the
boost of the category queries to 0 is a perfectly valid way to go that
probably requires making hte fewest number of changes ... it should have
the same effect as the Filter approach, and the only question is wether or
not it's fast neough for you and if your category constraints are reused
often enough to be worth caching as filters.

: Sounds like setting the boost to zero works (see Daniel Naber's post),
: but that seems like overkill.

"overkill" is a strage description ... can you clarify what you mean?


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