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From Doron Cohen <>
Subject Re: Making document numbers persistent
Date Sun, 14 Jan 2007 07:51:37 GMT
> : - To keep the document ids from changing we could prevent segment
> : merging - I'm not concerned with optimizing indices, this can be done
> : offline,
> :    and I'm prepared to build the caches after that. What would be the
> : ballpark figure for query time degradation, approximately?
> :    The code changes are obvious, I think, or are there more places
> : I'd need to touch, other than maybeMergeSegments?
> As i recall, everytime you open a new IndexWriter (which you would need
> do frequently since you have to close your old IndexWriter for your
> multiple updates a second to be visible) a new segment is opened ... if
> you really manage to competely eliminate segment merges you are talking
> about potentially having 100,000 segments after 24 hours ... I think the
> search performance cost there would breaty significantly outway your
> current Filter building costs ... but that's just speculation since i've
> never seen an index with that many segments -- at least not on a machine
> that was acctually *functioning* :)

I think that one effective way to control docids changes, assuming
delete/update rate significantly lower than add rate, is to modify Lucene
such that deleted docs are only 'squeezed out' when calling optimize().
This would involve delicate changes in the merging code, but is possible.
Then, once there are 'too many' deletions, the application could call

This way, having full control on when deleted docs are 'squeezed', and also
knowing which docs these are (same docs that same app deleted during last X
hours) - that application can at that point update the mapping between
Lucene IDs and the database IDs, again, knowing that Lucene IDs are set -
deterministically - by the order of adding docs.

This would allow - as Erick mentioned earlier in this thread - to create
the filter from the database only, no need to query Lucene for that. You
would probably need to copy that table so existing table can be still used
by searchers referencing the index before optimize() was called, at least
until db table is updated and some index warming is done.

I am not sure that I am happy with this direction, just wanted to point out
the possibility. Would have been convenient for this if Lucene's writer had
an option like "keepDeletions" or something, though I am not sure yet if
this can be implemented without too much complication of the code, or if
this is general enough to be in the API.


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