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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Extending scoring to eliminate sorting on timestamp
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2007 05:09:12 GMT

: For various reasons, we'd like to eliminate the sort step.

can you elaborate on what those reasons are?

FunctionQuery (in the solr code base, you'll find lots of discussing in
the archives of this list) can let you use a numeric field value in the
score calculation, but it still uses the FieldCache so if you are trying
to avoid that for space/time reasons it won't help.

you may also be interested in this patch...

in the general case it should be slower then standard sorting, but if
you are dealing with an extremely large index and your result sets all
tend to be small, it may be faster (and it won't pay the initial
FieldCache setup time on frequently modified indexes)

:                    new SortField("timestamp",SortField.STRING,true)}));

why are you sorting timestamps as strings? ... if you sort them as ints,
your FieldCache will be a whole hell of a lot smaller (i'm guessing very
few documents have identicle timestamps, so your FieldCache should be at
least half as big if you sort on ints (and probably a lot more).


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