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From Antony Bowesman <>
Subject Re: Word extractor
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2007 07:22:50 GMT
Hi Hoss,

> : Yes, I found the info, but it seems his offer to hand over the software
> : went un-answered.  Nutch uses Ryan Ackley's Word6 extractor, so I'm guessing it
> i don't know that you can assume that .. he specificaly said "Send me an
> email directly if you are interested"

Yes, hence this thread ;)  I'd not like to rely on the textmining parser only to 
discover it's not useable.  I can use POI if I have to, but it does not handle 
Word 6, which is bad, so I'd rather use TM.

> : is still Apache 2, but as I am about to ship some software, I wanted to put the
> : right licence text where it should be.
> he did explicitly say it was apache 2 in that email.  and whatever copy
> you have that you want to ship should have come with the liscence.

Actually, the jar file is the one that's downloaded with the 
file from the Manning website from

and there's no licence file.  The book does not refer to the licence although it 
refers to the parser as 'freely available'.  The book just refers to the website 
- now unavailable.

I've tried sending Ryan Ackley mail direct.  Hopefully he will clarify its status.


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