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From Phillip Rhodes <>
Subject indexing and searching the document title question
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2007 17:59:35 GMT
According to the FAQ, by indexing the title of the document and performing a search against
the shorter field will automatically give it a higher weight than matches against the document
content.  That is what I am trying to accomplish with a "NAME" field.  If someone enters a
close match of the name of a document (example Names: "Color Me Mine" ,"Pittsburgh and Its
Countryside"), I want that document to get a hit.  The search is user entered, so I want it
to be case-insensitive.  I also don't want it to have to be an exact match.  Search terms
such as "Pittsburgh Countryside" should match up against a name of "Pittsburgh and Its Countryside".

Here I am adding the name field to my document:
String value= "Color Me Mine";
document.add(new Field("NAME", value, Field.Store.YES,

Performing a search:
NAME:color me mine ->returns no results
NAME:color -> returns the document

I tried indexing the document without the value tokenized:
document.add(new Field("NAME", value, Field.Store.YES,

This caused the search to be case sensitive.

I am about to modify my indexing/searching code to use a secondary field, "name_lowercase",
this field would of course contain the name of the object in lowercase and I would lowercase
my search terms in I construct my TermQuery for this field.  

Is this a valid approach, or am I missing something?


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