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From poeta simbolista <>
Subject Extending Query, Weight, Scorer
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 14:06:14 GMT

I have created a Query that works for numerical max-min ranges, that may
work for any Field specified.
I have done that by extending Query, and creating own Weight and Scorer
subclasses as well.
So it works ... but I have problems when setting min or max boundary to 0:
In this case, those entries that do not have the field, happen as if they
had it with value 0. And I would like that, those not  having the field, not
scoring for the query. Code is below.

I have put a printout there on the bold statement. This printout gives me as
the size, the number of docs of the whole index. So it is retrieving all of
the documents, regardless they have the field or not. I assume that they
will store a zero if the entry does not have the field.

How could I get rid of those entries not having the field?
(If I cut as the min range with 1, it works fine; setting 0, it gives me all
the entries on the index).

Thank you

PS. Sorry for some variable names maybe not very descriptive :)

public class MaxMinQuery extends Query 
  // The min, max values to be accepted. 
  private int min;
  private int max;
  // The field to be used for queries.
  private String queryField;

  public MaxMinQuery(int min, int max, String field) 
    this.min = min;
    this.max = max;
    this.queryField = field;

  protected Weight createWeight(Searcher searcher) {
    return new FloatFieldWeight(searcher, this);

  public String toString(String string) {
    return queryField + ":[min=" + min + " max=" + max + "]";

  private class FloatFieldWeight implements Weight {
    private Searcher searcher;
    private MaxMinQuery query;
    private String queryField;
    public FloatFieldWeight(Searcher searcher, MaxMinQuery query) {
      this.searcher = searcher;
      this.query = query;
      this.queryField = query.queryField;

    public Query getQuery() {
      return query;

    public float getValue() {
      return 1;

    public float sumOfSquaredWeights() throws IOException {
      return 1;

    public void normalize(float v) {


    public Scorer scorer(IndexReader indexReader) throws IOException {
      final float[] prices = FieldCache.DEFAULT.getFloats(indexReader, );
      System.out.println("PRICES SIZE: " + prices.length);
      return new FloatFieldScorer(getSimilarity(searcher), prices);

    public Explanation explain(IndexReader indexReader, int i) throws
IOException {
      return scorer(indexReader).explain(i);

  private class FloatFieldScorer extends Scorer {
    private float[] prices;
    private int idx = -1;

    public FloatFieldScorer(Similarity similarity, float[] prices) {
      this.prices = prices;

    public boolean next() throws IOException {
      return (++idx < prices.length);

    public int doc() {
      return idx;

    public float score() throws IOException {
      if (prices[idx] > max || prices[idx] < min)
        return -Float.MAX_VALUE;

      return 1;

    public boolean skipTo(int i) throws IOException {
      idx = i;
      return idx < prices.length;

    public Explanation explain(int i) throws IOException {
      return new Explanation();
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