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From Doron Cohen <>
Subject Re: indexing norms???
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2007 21:50:13 GMT
* Indexing size cost - 1 byte per field per doc

* Search time memory cost - 1 byte per field per doc

* Usage - document score normalization by the doc field
  length, and a place to hold doc/field indexing time
  boosts, also applied during scoring. (more info in
  the Scoring documentation.)

* Only maintained for indexed fields.

* For fields known to be of ~constant length, or fields used just
  for filtering or date search, it makes sense to omit norms. Almost
  for sure there are more cases that I just don't think of now,
  but you get the idea.

zzzzz shalev <> wrote on 27/02/2007 02:29:41:

> can someone explain to me the norm issue that is stored in each
> field at index time for scoring, how in impacts the index size, for
> lucene 1.4.3 is it active by default. and the penalty of disabling it
>   much much thanks in advance
> ---------------------------------

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