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From Chris Hostetter <>
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2007 06:33:56 GMT

: Heh.  Your compadre Hoss is one of the most ardent opponents of fixed
: field defs.  :)
: I've been planning to ask him at some point how he might deal with
: multidimensional data if he were forced to use KinoSearch's Schema/
: FieldSpec system.  What say you, Hoss, can you think of something?

am i really that bad? ... i remember having a discussion about this (which
i can't find now) and i remember thinking up some examples of why i
thought it was useful to be able to set field properties on a per document
basis -- but i can't for the life of me rememebr what they were now ...
I don't suppose you have a mailing pointer to my old comments do you

assuming for hte sake of argument i had good reasons (i think that's a
safe bet: i always have good reasons) then if i wanted to be able to use
an option on field foo for some docs and not on others i'd have to have
foo_optOFF and foo_optON ... then anytime i wanted to search on "foo" i'd
have to use a booleanquery without a coord factor across both.


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