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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: searching a date range
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2007 23:45:43 GMT

: > I even removed "/" from my query but still not working good.
: > Do I have to index dates issues without "/"?
: > now in the index I have 1978/05/05 should I change it to 19780505?
: Unless I'm mistaken (and it's been ages since I looked at the date stuff
: myself) this sort of thing only works if you use DateField to format the
: field values.

correct ... please consult the class level javadocs for the QUeryParser
which talk somewhat extensively about dates in range queries nad using
DateField vs DateTools.

in general, if searhing on "admitDate:1978/05/05" is working ofr you, then
a range search with the same format probably won't work for you ...
becuase when query parser sees a the range syntax on something that it can
parse as a date, it's going to expect the indexed format to be in a very
specific format .. you have a lot of control over what format it expects,
but "1978/05/05" isn't one of them.

looking at the query.toString() from the QueryParser result will help you
understand what it's trying to search on.


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