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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: IndexReader.FieldOptions
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2007 00:13:20 GMT

: Indexed is orthogonal to stored. Stored fields aren't in necessarily the
: index (that is, serachable fields), but are associated with the document.
: Stored fields are accessible through the document interface instead, see the
: the methods on Fieldable.

all true, but slightly orthoginal i believe to the heart of hte issue ...
things like "INDEXED" and "TERMVECTOR" are expressable both in terms of
IndexReader.FieldOption instances and in terms of
Field.Index/Field.TermVector instances ... but there is no FieldOption
equivilent to the Field.Store instances -- the reason comes up because of
the intended usage.

FieldOptions instances come into play when calling
IndexReader.getFieldNames, the Field.Stoe/Field.Index/Field.TermVector
options come into play when adding a document

if i recall correctly, termvector-ness and index-ness affect the entire
segment, while stored-ness only affects the individual documents ... so
there is a need to know what field names have termvectors across an entire
indexreader -- but it doesn't really matter what fields are stored.


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