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From Peter W. <>
Subject Re: Range search in numeric fields
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2007 01:26:52 GMT

MemoryCachedRangeFilter looks nice, can't wait for it to be
included with other goodies in the next 2.x point release!

Numeric range search questions come up often for Lucene,
best practices probably include working with BitSets directly
(which I have been unable to grok), using queries like RangeQuery
and ConstantScoreRangeQuery or using a Filter.

The first approach Ivan mentioned(that requires re-indexing) might be  
the best
short term solution because you can use a filter to perform something  

FilteredQuery fq=new FilteredQuery(query,cstm_range("size",30L,1300L));

    private static Filter cstm_range(String sfld,long lmin,long lmax)
       Filter lessthn_f=RangeFilter.Less(sfld,NumberTools.longToString 
       Filter morethn_f=RangeFilter.More(sfld,NumberTools.longToString 
       Filter[] fa=new Filter[]{lessthn_f,morethn_f};

       Filter rf=new ChainedFilter(fa,ChainedFilter.AND);
       return rf;

It's more expensive at index time, has a bigger storage requirement and
is slower than in-memory but should give the desired functionality.


Peter W.

On Apr 3, 2007, at 10:59 AM, Andy Liu wrote:

> You can try using MemoryCachedRangeFilter.
> It stores field values in memory as longs so your values don't have  
> to be
> lexigraphically comparable.  Also, MemoryCachedRangeFilter can be  
> orders of
> magnitude faster than standard RangeFilter, depending on your data.
> Andy
> On 4/3/07, Ivan Vasilev <> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I have the following problem:
>> I have to implement range search for fields that contain numbers. For
>> example the field size that contains file size. The problem is  
>> that the
>> numbers are not kept in strings with strikt length. There are field
>> values like this: "32", "421", "1201". So when makeing search like  
>> this:
>> +size:[10 TO 50], as the order for string is lexicorafical the result
>> contains the documents with size 32 and 1201. I can see the following
>> possible aproaches:
>> 1. Changing indexing process so that all data entered in those  
>> fields is
>> with fixed length. Example 0000032, 0000421, 0001201.
>> Disadvantages here are:
>>     - Have to be reindexed all existng indexes;
>>     - The index will grow a bit.
>> 2. Generating query without ranges but including all numbers  
>> between the
>> bounds - +size=10 +size=11 +size=12........ +size=49 + size=50. For
>> narrow ranges it makes sense but for large ones... :)
>> 3. Generating query with intervals (inclusive and exclusive) but the
>> number of this intervals will be the same (or one more) than the
>> conditions in point 2. +size:[10 TO 50] -size:[10 TO 11999999999] -
>> size:[11 TO 129999999999] ... etc.
>> So if someone can help with some new oportunity please mail.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Ivan

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