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From "Michael McCandless" <>
Subject Re: Lock files in a read-only application
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2007 08:42:15 GMT
"Nilesh Bansal" <> wrote:
> thanks for your replies. i have two more questions.
> > You need to be really certain your own locking protects Lucene
> > properly.  Specifically, no IndexReader can be created (restarted)
> > while a writer is open against the index, and, only one writer can be
> > open on the index at once (it sounds like you already have that).  If
> > you're sure about that then disabling the locks as Hoss describes
> > above is OK.
> 1. If our locking fails, what will happen in the worst case, i.e., an
> IndexSearcher tries to read while an IndexWriter is updating the
> index. Can it lead to index corruption, or just that the searcher will
> give garbage results (or fail with exception) for that query.

As long as you only have one writer and the only risk is that
IndexSearcher is opening without proper locking, I believe the worst
that will happen is actually quite benign and quickly detected: the
IndexReader (IndexSearcher just creates IndexReader under the hood)
will hit some sort of IOException while instantiating.  If it
instantiates without an IOException it should then do searches just
fine, correctly.  I *think* this is the case but I honestly haven't
explored this area too heavily so this is somewhat speculation :)
But I'm quite sure your index will not be corrupted, ie, the worst
that happens is the IndexReader has problems.

And, this is assuming your index is not on NFS, which has its own
challenges (even beyond locking).

> 2. Currently we are not using any IndexReader. When a request arrives,
> we create a new IndexSearcher, and destroy it when it finishes
> searching. Is it more efficient to create just one IndexSearcher and
> share it with all threads? Or create one IndexReader and use it for
> creating all IndexSearchers.

You don't need to use IndexReader; IndexSearcher creates its own
IndexReader.  But, it is substantially more efficient to create a
single IndexSearcher and then use it for all threads that need to do
searching, periodically re-instantiating it when you want index
changes to be visible to your users.


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