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From "Michael McCandless" <>
Subject Re: flush, optimize and FileNotFound exceptions
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 12:31:20 GMT
"Simon Wistow" <> wrote:
> I have an Indexer which inserts tasks onto a queue and then has a thread 
> which consumes the tasks (Index, Update or Delete) and executes them. If 
> the Indexer is shut down it stops the thread, waits until it's finished 
> its current task and then consumes any other tasks on the queue. Then it 
> runs 
>     writer.optimize();
>     writer.flush();
>     writer.close();
> However occasionally we're seeing that optimize() produces a 
> FileNotFound exception and refers to an .fnm file.
> There are no other IndexWriters open on the index and, by that stage, no 
> IndexReaders either. If I remove the optimize() then everything's fine.
> Should I be worried about this - are the optimize() and the flush() 
> necessary? Are they in the wrong order? I've tried various combos but 
> since the bug is unpredictable I can't tell if they're working or not.

Optimize actually does its own flush before optimizing, so you don't
need to call it yourself and in fact calling it after optimize will
just be a harmless no-op.

You should be worried about this exception.  It means there's some
sort of index corruption going on.  What version of Lucene are you on?
If you haven't upgraded to 2.1 you should try to do so; 2.1 has fixed
a number of cases that can lead to errant IOExceptions.

I would double and triple check that indeed you indeed only have one
writer against the index; accidentally having 2 writers on the same
index (which is normally prevented by the write lock) could cause
exactly this exception.

Can you make this error happen in a tiny test case?


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