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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Benchmarking LUCENE-584 with contrib/benchmark
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2007 22:35:57 GMT

I'm looking at benchmarking Paul's code.
I'd like to compare either:
  HitCollector.collect(doc, score) vs. MatchCollector.collect(doc)
  or, Filter, HitCollector) vs. IndexSearcher.match(Query, MatchCollector)

...and see what the performance difference is when one skips scoring.  I can cook up my own
benchmark, but I'd rather try using contrib/benchmark, if it can be used for this purpose.
 Can it?  I browsed around contrib/benchmark looking for a place where I could plug in calls
to IndexSearcher.match(Query, MatchCollector), and found that the only search calls are in
the  StandardBenchmarker class.  From what I can tell, I can't really plug in any other calls
in there, can I?  It looks like I simply need to write my own MatcherBenchmarker and implement
my own benchmark(File, BenchmarkOptions) method.  Once that's in place, I'd have to run one
benchmark with the StandardBenchmarker and the other one with my MatcherBenchmarker and manually
compare the numbers.

Is that the right approach, or am I missing a shortcut?


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