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From Doron Cohen <>
Subject Re: Benchmarking LUCENE-584 with contrib/benchmark
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 00:20:58 GMT
Hi Otis, you could use the byTask package - add your-type-of-search-task.
Suffix the new task class name by "Task" - e.g. NewNameTask - and then you
can use the 'command' "NewName" in an alg file.

I am not sure you can extend/reuse the existing ReadTask for this, because
its implementation of search/retrieve/traverse assumes using certain
Lucene's API's.

Does this make sense?


Otis Gospodnetic <> wrote on 02/04/2007 15:35:57:

> Hi,
> I'm looking at benchmarking Paul's http://issues.apache.
> org/jira/browse/LUCENE-584 code.
> I'd like to compare either:
>   HitCollector.collect(doc, score) vs. MatchCollector.collect(doc)
>   or
>, Filter, HitCollector) vs.
> IndexSearcher.match(Query, MatchCollector)
> ...and see what the performance difference is when one skips
> scoring.  I can cook up my own benchmark, but I'd rather try using
> contrib/benchmark, if it can be used for this purpose.  Can it?  I
> browsed around contrib/benchmark looking for a place where I could
> plug in calls to IndexSearcher.match(Query, MatchCollector), and
> found that the only search calls are in the  StandardBenchmarker
> class.  From what I can tell, I can't really plug in any other calls
> in there, can I?  It looks like I simply need to write my own
> MatcherBenchmarker and implement my own benchmark(File,
> BenchmarkOptions) method.  Once that's in place, I'd have to run one
> benchmark with the StandardBenchmarker and the other one with my
> MatcherBenchmarker and manually compare the numbers.
> Is that the right approach, or am I missing a shortcut?
> Thanks,
> Otis

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