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From "Chandan Tamrakar" <>
Subject RE: MergeFactor advice wanted
Date Thu, 03 May 2007 12:02:51 GMT
What if we are using addindexes(Ram Directory) method ? it calls optimize
function inside the function itself ?

Any solution to this ?

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From: Mark Miller [] 
Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2007 4:03 PM
Subject: Re: MergeFactor advice wanted

I think it is worth your time to do some benchmarking. I think 
mergeFactor is not very helpful in the end...if you set it high, you'll 
index faster but then your searches will be slower prompting you to 
optimize...after which you'll find that you paid all your gains back. 
Test things out for yourself, but I'd recommend a low merge factor and 
then you can forget about the hassle of optimizing. Amortize, amortize...

- Mark

Aleksander M. Stensby wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> I'm wondering if any of you have any helpful advice to what 
> MergeFactor i should use...
> The indexing process is handling a large amount of documents and i 
> would like to index as fast as possible.
> Initial thought was to increase the mergeFactor to make the indexer 
> work more in memory and less writing to file. Thus this created a 
> problem for me with "TOO-MANY-OPEN-FILES"... of course, since i choose 
> 2000 as my mergeFactor:) Well, i could do an optimize from time to 
> time, but the big question is whats more efficient? Optimize tends to 
> take a loooong time on our system since it is quite a large index.
> Any helpful advice to what i should do? 10 as mergeFactor cant 
> possibly be the best solution here? Any advice would be highly 
> appreciated!
> - Aleksander
> --Aleksander M. Stensby
> Software Developer
> Integrasco A/S
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