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From "david m" <>
Subject For indexing: how to estimate needed memory?
Date Thu, 03 May 2007 19:55:16 GMT
Our application includes an indexing server that writes to multiple
indexes in parallel (each thread writes to a single index). In order
to avoid an OutOfMemoryError, each request to index a document is
checked to see if the JVM has enough memory available to index the

I know that IndexWriter.ramSizeInBytes() can be used to determine how
much memory was consumed at the conclusion of indexing a document, but
is there a way to know (or estimate) the peak memory consumed while
indexing a document?

For example, in a test set I have a 22 MB document where nearly every
"word" is unique. It has text like this:

'DestAddrType' bin: 00 0D
AttributeCustomerID 'Resources'
AttributeDNIS '7730'
AttributeUserData [295] 00 0E 00 00..
'DNIS_DATA' '323,000,TM,SDM1K5,AAR,,,'
TelephoneLine' '8'
'C_CALL_DATE' '01/19/06'
'C_START_TIME' '145650'
'C_END_TIME' '145710'
 AttributeCallType 2

 and so on...

 We are indexing a handful of fields for document meta-data - but they
 are tiny compared to the body of the document. Eight of those fields are
 stored (like a messageid, posteddate, typecode).

 The body is indexed into a single field. Our Analyzer splits tokens
 based on Character.isLetterOrDigit() and when in uppercase, indexes a
 lowercase version of the term.

 After indexing that single document ramSizeInBytes() returns 15.7 MB.
 That seems ok to me.

 But for this particular document I found (via trial and error) that
 at -Xmx165m Lucene throws an OutOfMemoryError.

 At -Xmx170m the it indexes successfully.

 Just before calling addDoc() I see maximum available memory of: 160.5 MB

 The 160.5 MB is from this calc:

  Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime();
  long maxAvail = rt.maxMemory() - (rt.totalMemory() - rt.freeMemory());

 So it would appear that for this particular document, to avoid an
 OutOfMemoryError I'd need to be certain of having available memory
 approx 7x the doc size.

 I could require 7x the doc size available memory for each doc (on
 the assumption my test document is at the extreme), but for more
 typical documents I'd be over-reserving memory with a result of
 reduced throughput (as docs were forced to wait for sufficient
 available memory that they likely don't need).

 Instead I'm wondering if there is better way for the index server to
 know (or guesstimate) what the memory requirement will be for each
 document? - so that it doesn't start indexing in parallel more
 documents than available memory can support.


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