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From Winton Davies <>
Subject Email Definition in StandardTokenizer.jj
Date Wed, 02 May 2007 22:06:07 GMT
Hey guys,

Does someone who makes commits want to fix the EMAIL definition in 

Its a not very well known exception to the naming process, that you 
can use a "+" in the middle
of the email name, and the delivery agent sends the email to the 
prefixing name, but keeps the original name (so you can filter on it, 
for example).

I use this all the time to create unique, traceable email address 
from my gmail account for when I sign up with sites I don't trust not 
to sell my email address onto spammers.

Actually, if you ask me the whole thing is a lot more complicated 
after I did some research. Look at the set of non-alphanumeric chars 
you can use.

Its not a showstopper, but it'd be nice to have it right.


According to RFC 2822, the local-part of the address may use any of 
these ASCII characters:
	*	Uppercase and lowercase letters (case sensitive)
	*	The digits 0 through 9
	*	The characters ! # $ % & ' * + - / = ? ^ _ ` { | } ~
	*	The character . provided that it is not the first or 
last character in the local-part.

According to RFC 2821, "the local-part MUST be interpreted and 
assigned semantics only by the host specified in the domain part of 
the address. In particular, for some hosts the user "smith" is 
different from the user "Smith".

Plus addressing is one of the benefits of this limitation. Some mail 
servers allow a user to append +tag to their email address 
( The text of tag can be used to apply 
Some systems violate RFC 2822, and the recommendations in RFC 3696, 
by refusing to send mail addressed to a user on another system merely 
because the local-part of the address contains the plus sign (+). 
Users of these systems cannot use plus addressing.

On the other hand, most qmail installations support the use of '-' as 
a separator between local-address and domain parts. Such as or 
This allows qmail through .qmail-default or 
.qmail-tag-sub-anything-else files to sort, filter, forward, or run 
application based on the tagging system established. Procmail and 
SpamAssassin are common applications to use with qmail to help sort 
out spam or further filter incoming email.

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