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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Documentation Promotion is in Motion!
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2007 02:32:13 GMT
Calling all Lucene Users!

You know you love Lucene for a whole variety of reasons (fast,  
friendly, fun, did I say fast?) so how about showing a little love  
back?  :-)

We (as in the committers and contributors) are trying out a new  
release mechanism whereby we are implementing a code freeze on the  
trunk (well, technically not a freeze, but...)  We are doing this so  
we can nail down things like Maven artifacts and also to improve the  
overall release process and, here's where you come in, improve the  
documentation.  We did the freeze/branch today and are planning on  
spending the next 10 days or so documenting as much as we can (or  
just improving the documentation, or, even, just identifying where  
more docs are needed).  Then, we will do the official release and you  
all can enjoy Lucene 2.2.

So, what I would like to ask, is that people take the time to help us  
out with the documentation.  See 
Documentation_Improvements (be sure to read the java-dev mail thread: 
tf3818348.html#a10810352) for ideas on where to start (and please  
feel free to add your own, it is a Wiki after all!)  Obviously we  
can't address everything in 10 days, but we can take a crack at it  
and little by little we will get there.

But how can I help, you might ask?  Here are some tips:

1. Edit the wiki page above (getting a Wiki account takes zero time)
2. Contribute a Use Case:
3. Contribute a Best Practice: 

4. Add a JIRA issue for real, live issues related to documentation.   
Think the website docs could be improved in a specific way?  Let us  
know.  Same goes for javadocs, etc.

5. Supply a patch!  Make a case for it, bug us to apply it (but not  
too much).  See  
for how this all works.  It really is quite easy, trust me.

6. Close any old issues you may have put into JIRA that are no longer  

7.  Let us know where in particular the docs are, shall we say,  
insufficient (but, please, be nice about it, we all want things to be  
better, right?)  Let us know where you are confused by the docs.

Even if we just get a bunch of things identified during this round  
for the next time around (2.3), this will be a great step in the  
right direction.  Somehow, t I bet we can do better than that.

So, spare us 5 minutes or more of your time and help us help you!


Grant Ingersoll
Center for Natural Language Processing

Read the Lucene Java FAQ at 

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