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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Why use RMI search very slow! when have 13 TermQuery! Return cost 7500 ms .
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2007 20:58:02 GMT

: I am use RMI search two server date! When I use one TermQuery return
: 30ms (very good)! But when I use booleanQuery add tow termQuery return
: must 150 ms £º£¨
: And three is 250 ms? My query have 13 TermQuery! Return cost 7500 ms .
: How can I do it quick! Use ICE(Internet Communications Engine) ZeroC ?

there are a lot of unknowns in your question...
  1) how quick is "quick" ?  ie: how fast do you need it to be?
  2) how many remote searchers do you have?
  3) how big are the indexes (in number of documents and number of terms) ?

also, what is hte point of this line of code...

   Query query2 = qp.parse(query.toString()); don't seem to do anything with query2.

In general, what have you tried to investigate the source of your problem?
perhaps it's network lag? have you tried constructing your MultiSearcher
on local Searchables of the same indexes to see if the problem is with the
Remote searching or if it's just a more basic problem?


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