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From karl wettin <>
Subject Re: lucene integration with PDM Windchill (Product Data Management System)
Date Sun, 29 Jul 2007 13:14:50 GMT
I'm not sure I understand how all the objects you talk to relate to  
each other, nor do I see a concrete question in your post.

Is your problem that you do not know how to denormalize the object  
grapgs in order to represent them as Lucene documents that make sense  
to search in? Or are you asking how to implement an ad hoc service  
for your PDM that communicate with Lucene?

The latter is probably a question we will not be able to help out  
with more than explaining how readers, writers and searchers work.

29 jul 2007 kl. 01.56 skrev Dmitry:

> Karl,
> thanks for help.
> I will try to explain requirements. There is system PDM - product  
> Data Management System - which manages the data related to  
> products, supports precudures druing the product lifecycle deals  
> with the development and production infrastructure.
> There following design paterns which can be used for implementation  
> and customization of this system  - point to integrate Lucene with  
> Windchill (PDM):
> - The Object Reference Design Pattern (encapsulates details  
> concerning persistable objects and their unique databse keys- like  
> for Objects WTParts, WTAssemblies, WTDocuments and their relations)
> - Business Service Design Pattern (building windchill services -  
> like using remote interfaces service Events)
> - Master-iteration Design Pattern (like two objects: Mastered and  
> Iterated: adhare all versioned data in Windchill PDM system  
> <PDMLink> and <ProjectLink>)
> We need use Lucene with WTObeject like WTDocuments && WTParts to  
> create indexes and provide search service.
> The properties of a document for instance - MS Documnts or PDF  
> files are specified on the WTDocument class. But the sum of the  
> propertiesare stored on WTDocumnetMaster. WTDocument implements  
> ContenrHolder - primary content and secondary content. And by the  
> way WTDocument can create two types of relationships to other  
> documents using WTDocumentUsageLink (build relationships between  
> documents and document structure). Atributes which need to be used  
> for searching are on either  WTDocumentMaster or WTDocument clasess.
> This was just short desription of architecture of PDMLink  -  
> Windchill.
> So we need create  some Lucene services(processors) embedded to the  
> system using extended interfaces for creation indexes and Search  
> all Documnets by Attributes.
> thanks,
> Dmitry
> Search Engine News
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>> Trying to integrate PDM system : WTPart obejct with Lucene  
>> indexing search framework. Part of the work is integration with  
>> persistent layer <hibernate>+ indeces storage+ mysql
> You have a product data management software of some sort that use
> MySQL via Hibernate for persistency, and now you want to use Lucene
> to search the data?
>> Could not find a good solution ...
> What possible solutions did you find, and what was the problem with
> these?
>> please advice
> My guess is that very few people in this forum knows how Windchill
> works, what a WTPart is or what the complexity of the system is in a
> persistent state. So you probably need to explain your requirements a
> bit more in order to get a helpful answer or discussion going.
> -- 
> karl
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