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From "Tony Qian" <>
Subject open file descriptors for deleted index files
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2007 19:45:40 GMT

I'm facing an issue in which the file descriptors are not closed for deleted 
index files. I searched mailing list and didn't find the solution. Here is 
some info:

java      21488     wppd  139r      REG        8,7 152456865     571208 
/data/index/_idx.cfs (deleted)
java      21488     wppd  140r      REG        8,7 152501356     571211 
/data/index/_idz.cfs (deleted)
java      21488     wppd  141r      REG        8,7 152516369     571210 
/data/index/_ie1.cfs (deleted)
java      21488     wppd  142r      REG        8,7 152543537     571213 
/data/index/_ie3.cfs (deleted)
java      21488     wppd  143r      REG        8,7 152555274     571212 
/data/index/_ie5.cfs (deleted)
java      21488     wppd  144r      REG        8,7 152593068     571215 
/data/index/_ie7.cfs (deleted)
java      21488     wppd  145r      REG        8,7 152625253     571214 
/data/index/_ie9.cfs (deleted)

We run a servlet inside Tomcat. We transfer index files to search server 
every 5 minutes using rsync with --delete option. Also, we schedule a 
TimeTask inside servlet to check if index files are updated. If yes, create 
a new IndexSearcher object and assign it to searcher (IndexSearcher). I hope 
JVM will GC old IndexSearcher object along with file descriptors.

Will closing old IndexSearcher solve this problem? The concern I have by 
closing old IndexSearcher is that the client will get exception if client is 
using old IndexSearcher object.

Thanks for help.

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