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From "Marcelo Ochoa" <>
Subject Fwd: Oracle-Lucene Domain Index (New Release)
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2007 19:23:31 GMT

From: J. Delgado <>

Once again,, a social lending network that today
announced nation-wide expansion (see Tech Crunch), is please to
contribute to the open source community a new release ( of
the Oracle-Lucene Domain Index, a fast implementation of text indexing
and search using Lucene within the Oracle relational database. Many
thanks to Marcelo Ochoa, the developer that made it all happen!

Among the goodies you will find in the new release are:

* LuceneDomainIndex.countHits() function to replace select count from
.. where lcontains(..)>0 syntax.
* support inline pagination at lcontains(col,'rownum:[n TO m] AND ...") function
* rounding and padding support for columns date, timestamp, mumber,
float, varchar2 and char
* ODCI API array DML support
* BLOB parameter support
* sort by column passed at
lcontains(col,query_parser_str,sort_str,corr_id) syntax
* Logging support using Java Util Logging package
* JUnit test suites emulating middle tier environment
* Support for rebuild and optimize online for SyncMode:OnLine index
* XMLDB Export which allows inspecting the Lucene index using Luke or
other tools
* AutoTuneMemory parameter for replacing MaxBufferedDocs parameter
* Functional column support

Here are the pointers

Full Documentation:

New Binaries

Release Notes:


Joaquin Delgado, PhD
CTO, Lending Club

About Lending Club (TM) is an online social lending network where people can
borrow and lend money among themselves based upon their affinities
and/or social connections. Across
all 50 states, members can borrow money at a better interest rate than
they would get from a bank or credit card and invest in a diversified
portfolio of loans with higher rates of
return than those served by savings accounts, CDs or other online
lending services.
LendingMatch (TM) technology helps match lenders and borrowers by
using connections established through social networks, associations
and online communities,
and build diversified portfolios based on lender preferences. Lending
Club is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. More information is available

Marcelo F. Ochoa
Do you Know DBPrism? Look @ DB Prism's Web Site
More info?
Chapter 17 of the book "Programming the Oracle Database using Java &
Web Services"
Chapter 21 of the book "Professional XML Databases" - Wrox Press
Chapter 8 of the book "Oracle & Open Source" - O'Reilly

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