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From Daniel Noll <>
Subject Tricky (maybe) query question
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2007 00:42:32 GMT
Hi all.

Suppose you have a text index with a field used for deduplication, and then 
you later add a second field with further information that might also be used 
for deduplication.  We'll call them A and B for the sake of brevity.

If I have only a current text index, then I can use (a:foo AND b:bar) to 
deduplicate.  However, I still want to deduplicate between the older ones 
which don't have B and the new ones which do.

Is there a way I can do a query which will:
  - Match a document if both a:foo and b:bar are matched
  - Match a document if a:foo matches and b is absent, or vice versa.
  - Not match a document if both a:foo and b:foo are absent
  - Not match a document if either a:foo or b:foo are present and do not
    match ?

If not, I suppose I'll have to go with the lowest common denominator approach 
and find out which fields are present in every index.


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