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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: span queries and proximity boosting
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2007 12:30:18 GMT
Doh! Even after careful scanning I missed that. Of course your right 
though....scores with:
/** Computes the amount of a sloppy phrase match, based on an edit distance.
   * This value is summed for each sloppy phrase match in a document to form
   * the frequency that is passed to {@link #tf(float)}.
   * <p>A phrase match with a small edit distance to a document passage more
   * closely matches the document, so implementations of this method usually
   * return larger values when the edit distance is small and smaller values
   * when it is large.
   * @see PhraseQuery#setSlop(int)
   * @param distance the edit distance of this sloppy phrase match
   * @return the frequency increment for this match
  public abstract float sloppyFreq(int distance);

Chris Hostetter wrote:
> : A quick look at the code would say no, unless I am missing something. Neither
> : the weight or span scorer seem to take distance into account.
> uh, i think you're wrong ... SpanScorer takes the distance between the 
> "end" of the spans and the "start" of the spans into account just like a 
> PraseQuery considers the positions of the terms (it's just a bit more 
> complicated with Spans because of the nesting that's possible)
> (look for "matchLength" in SpamScorer)
> -Hoss
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