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From Ruslan Sivak <>
Subject Re: Refreshing RAMDirectory
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2007 05:19:26 GMT
Michael McCandless wrote:
> Ruslan Sivak wrote:
>> I have an index of about 10mb.  Since it's so small, I would like to 
>> keep it loaded in memory, and reload it about every minute or so, 
>> assuming that it has changed on disk.  I have the following code, 
>> which works, except it doesn't reload the changes.
>> protected String indexName;
>> protected IndexReader reader;
>> private long lastCheck=0;
>> ...
>> protected IndexReader getReader() throws CorruptIndexException, 
>> IOException
>>    {
>>        if (reader==null || System.currentTimeMillis() > lastCheck+60000)
>>        {
>>            lastCheck=System.currentTimeMillis();
>>            if (reader==null || !reader.isCurrent())
>>            {
>>                if (reader!=null)
>>                    reader.close();
>>                              Directory dir = new 
>> RAMDirectory(indexName);
>>                reader =;
>>                searcher = new IndexSearcher(reader);
>>            }
>>        }
>>        return reader;
>> }
>> Apparently reader.isCurrent() won't tell you if the underlying 
>> FSDirectory has changed.
> That's right: your reader is only searching the RAMDirectory; it has 
> no idea that your RAMDirectory was copied from an FSDirectory that has 
> now changed.  (That ctor for RAMDirectory makes a full copy of what's 
> currently in the FSDirectory and thereafter maintains no link to that 
> FSDirectory).
>> I also had the following code before:
>> instead of
>> if (reader==null || !reader.isCurrent())
>> I had
>> if (reader==null || reader.getVersion() != 
>> IndexReader.getCurrentVersion(indexName))
> That 2nd line seems like it should have worked.  What version of 
> Lucene are you using?  Are you really sure it's not showing the 
> changes?  Can you print the two versions?  Every commit to the index 
> (by IndexWriter) should increment that version number.
The 2nd line was working fine, however I was getting errors in other 
places saying that the indexReader is closed. 
>> I was getting a bunch of this indexreader is closed errors, and I'm 
>> not sure why there's no method like reader.isClosed().
> That's spooky: can you explain why you're accidentally using a closed 
> reader?  Your code above seems to replace reader after closing it.  
> Are there other threads that are using the reader while you are doing 
> this re-opening?
There could be other threads using this, and there are other places in 
the code that open and close readers.  My main problem I guess is that I 
can't tell when a reader is closed.  Is there some method I can use?  I 
basically want to do something like this.
if (reader==null || reader.isClosed || reader.getVersion() != 

Is reader threadsafe?  Should each invocation open it's own reader?


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