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From 李晓峰 <>
Subject Re: StopWords problem
Date Wed, 26 Dec 2007 19:54:28 GMT
"javac" has an option "-encoding", which tells the compiler the encoding 
the input source file is using, this will probably solve the problem.
or you can try the unicode escape: \uxxxx, then you can save it in ANSI, 
had for human to read though.
or use an IDE, eclipse is a good choice, you can set the source file 
encoding, and it will take care of the compiler for you.

> Hi, Doro Cohen
> Thanks for your reply, but I am facing a small problem over here. As I 
> am using notepad for coding, then in which format the file should be 
> saved.
> public static final String[] URDU_STOP_WORDS = { "کے" ,"کی" ,"سے" 
> ,"کا" ,"کو" ,"ہے" };
> Analyzer analyzer = new StandardAnalyzer(URDU_STOP_WORDS);
> If I save it in ANSI format it will lose the contents, I tried Unicode 
> but it does not work and I also tried UTF-8, but it also generate two 
> errors of identifying two illegal characters. What should be the 
> solution. Kindly guide in this.
> Thanks ..
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