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From Liaqat Ali <>
Subject Re: StopWords problem
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2007 10:26:57 GMT
Doron Cohen wrote:
> On Dec 27, 2007 11:49 AM, Liaqat Ali <> wrote:
>> I got your point. The program given does not give not any error during
>> compilation and it is interpreted well. But the it does not create any
>> index. when the StandardAnalyzer() is called without Stopwords list it
>> works well, but when the list of stop words is passed as an argument,
>> then it does not.
> Hi Liaqat, I am confused, are you saying that the program creates no
> index when stopwords are used?
> All this time I thought the problem you get is that stopwords are indexed
> as if they were regular words, but now you say no index is created..
> Is there any exception thrown?
> Do you see that there is no index to be found on the file system?
> Or do you mean after closing the IndexWriter and opening an
> IndexReader or IndexSearcher its numDocs is 0?
> Or perhaps the index contains documents but your query search
> finds nothing?
> Again, a stand-alone Java program that demonstrates the problem
> would be best and save your time and others. Lucene's Junit
> tests are good examples of short programs that demonstrate
> a problem, and fails unless the problem is fixed.
> Regards, Doron
Thanks alot Doron,  I was confused too, the index i thought was created 
by previous program. But this time when I run this program  (with 
stopwords as a argument), then it does not create index in the given 
directory, there is nothing inside the specified directory.
There is no error during compilation or during interpretation. And I am 
using LUKE for retrieval. So kindly suggest some guidelines.


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