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From Toke Eskildsen>
Subject Re: Heads-up on SSD
Date Sun, 16 Dec 2007 18:49:40 GMT
Chris Lu <> wrote:
> Toke, This is fantastic stuff! I always wanted to convince (rich)
> customers to try SSD. Now it's more convincing!

We expect to _save_ money by using SSDs. They cost more that conventional harddrives if you
just look at them isolated, but when we look at performance, a solution based on conventional
harddrives can very easy be more expensive, as more machines are needed to match the SSD-setup.
All depending on requirements of course.

There's also the matter of dropping prices. Our expectations on savings are based on current
prices and as things are going, SSD's double in capacity every year for the same price.

> I think the results will be more interesting for indexing, which 
> has a lot of file merges.

The area where SSDs don't perform that well is with bulk writes. We haven't made any tests
with merges, so this is is just speculation, but I don't expect any speed-up here as there's
a lot of bulk writing going on.

However, as the article from nextlevelhardware shows, near-linear speedup of bulk operations
can be achieved by RAIDing SSD's. Instead of buing a SSD of size x, buy two at size x/2 and
put them in RAID.

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