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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: Refreshing RAMDirectory
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2007 17:25:40 GMT
Ruslan Sivak wrote:

> Michael McCandless wrote:
>> Ruslan Sivak wrote:
>>> Michael McCandless wrote:
>>>> Ruslan Sivak wrote:
>>>>> Since my app would be multithreaded, there could be multiple  
>>>>> threads accessing the reader, while i'm reloading it.  This  
>>>>> means that if I close the reader, and another thread is using  
>>>>> it, it might get an exception.
>>>> The normal approach here is open a new reader, start sending new  
>>>> searches to the new reader, and only once all existing searches  
>>>> (and, possibly, search sessions, if for example you want  
>>>> paginating through results to not suddenly change on the user)   
>>>> are done with the old reader do you close the old one.
>>> How exactly would I do something like this?   I'm not sure where  
>>> to start.  From what I understand, the reader will be auto closed  
>>> when there are no more references to it.  What if I did somehting  
>>> like this
>>> Private IndexReader reader;
>>> public IndexReader getReader()
>>> {
>>>   if (we are reloading)
>>>   {
>>>      Directory dir = new RAMDirectory (indexName);
>>>      reader =;
>>>   }
>>>   return reader;
>>> }
>>> public Results search(String searchTerms)
>>> {
>>>   IndexReader r=getReader()
>>>   //Do search and return results
>>> }
>>> This should work, right?  The local variable will hold a  
>>> reference to a reader that it's using, and once it goes out of  
>>> use, it should auto close, correct?  Is closing the reader even  
>>> necessary?  Won't it just get collected by the GC once there are  
>>> no more references to it?
>> Well you could keep a counter of how many searches are presently  
>> using the previous reader, and then the final search to finish  
>> with the previous reader would close it?
>> GC doesn't actually "close" the reader, though since you're using  
>> RAMDirectory, you're not actually consuming any file descriptors  
>> so I think it might be OK for you to never close and simply  
>> replace your reader with the newly reopened one?  Normally this is  
>> not recommended, ie, a reader against an FSDirectory uses up  
>> precious file descriptors...
>> Mike
> What about using something like decref?  Does anyone know the  
> proper way to use it?  From the docs:
>      decRef
> protected void *decRef*()
>               throws IOException < 
> api/java/io/IOException.html>
> Decreases the refCount of this IndexReader instance. If the  
> refCount drops to 0, then pending changes are committed to the  
> index and this reader is closed.

That's a very good question!

Well ... that's a protected method.  I think it would in fact work,
except, it would only handle closing the reader (not the searcher).
Though, IndexSearcher.close() currently does nothing besides closing
the reader; but in theory that may change some day.

You can do the same thing (reference counting) above your searcher and
that would work.


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