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From Doron Cohen <>
Subject Re: Applying SpellChecker to a phrase
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2007 06:22:40 GMT
See below -

smokey <> wrote on 03/12/2007 05:14:23:

> Suppose I have an index containing the terms impostor,
> imposter, fraud, and
> fruad, then presumably regardless of whether I spell impostor and fraud
> correctly, Lucene SpellChecker will offer the improperly
> spelled versions as
> corrections. This means that the phrase "The login fraud involves an
> impostor" would need to expand to:
> "The login fraud involves an impostor" OR "The login fruad involves an
> impostor" OR "The login fraud involves an imposter" OR "The login fruad
> involves an imposter" to cover all cases and thus find all
> possible matches.
> However, that feels like an aweful a lot of matches to perform
> on the index.
> A more efficient approach would be to expand the query to "The
> login (fraud
> OR fruad) involves an (impostor OR imposter)", which should be logically
> equivalent to the first (longer) query.
> So my question is
> (1) if others have generated the "The login (fraud OR fruad) involves an
> (impostor OR imposter)" types of queries when applying SpellChecker to a
> phrase, and agreed that this indeed performs better than the first one.
> (2) if others have observed any problems in doing so in terms
> of performance
> or anything else
> Any information would be appreciated.

Lucene phrase query does not support 'sub parts'. But you may
want to look at It seems that a span-near query
made of span-term queries and span-or queries, setting (max)span as
~the length of your phrase and setting in-order=true would get
pretty close.

About performance I hope others can comment, cause I never compared
this to phrase query. When you do try this, please tell us of any
interesting performance results!


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