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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: Concurrent Indexing + Searching
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2008 12:42:44 GMT
You are right that if auto-commit=true and a user reopens an 
IndexReader, the docs will absolutely be visible as they are flushed. I 
think the part you are missing is that you need to be cooperating with 
the IndexAccessor: a user should not be reopening an IndexReader. The 
whole point of IndexAccessor is to coordinate these things...when a 
Writer is released, we know the index has changed, so that is when the 
IndexReaders are reopened for you. Because the IndexWriter is cached and 
shared by Threads, a thread might release the Writer while another is 
still using it...that is why things are not reopened and the Writer not 
closed until the last thread releases its reference to it. Essentially, 
IndexAccessor control visibility by controlling how current the view of 
the Readers is, by controlling their reopening -- a user should agree 
not to reopen -- just like he must agree not to use a ReadingWriter to 

If you want to just set an IndexWriter to indexing for eternity and then 
have some Readers that you occasionally reopen, you don't need 
IndexAccessor. Its purpose is to coordinate ReaderReaders, 
WritingReaders, Searchers, and Writers for you. You are proposing to 
coordinate them yourself. IndexAccess reopens Readers for you after a 
Writer has been used, and enforces Lucene requirements, like a 
WritingReader cannot be used at the same time as a Writer...etc.

Technically, IndexAccessor could reopen the readers every 2 
seconds...and then you would see your changes...instead it only tries to 
reopen them if a change has been made to the index...and it does not 
want to get greedy if a Writer is batch loading, so it waits for you to 
release the Writer. You can control how often the 'view' is updated by 
releasing the Writer more often -- say every 50 docs. Write 50 docs, 
release, get, write 50 docs.

- Mark

ajay_garg wrote:
> @Mark.
> I am sorry, but I need a bit more of explanation. So you mean to say ::
> "If auto-commit is false, then of course, docs will not be visible in the
> index, until all the threads release themselves out of a particular
> IndexWriter instance, and close() the IndexWriter instance.
> If auto-commit is true, even then the above holds true. In particular, let's
> say iI need an application 
> with the following requirements ::
> a) There are multiple indexer threads indexing on a SINGLE indexwriter
> instance with auto-commit true
> b) Each thread 'flushes' according to a pre-defined criteria at some point
> of time.
> c) The index should be updated immediately, that is, if any user re-opens
> the IndexSearcher, then the 
>     documents added till-that-snapshot-of-index must be visible. Note that
> the IndexWriter instance hasn't 
>     been closed as yet, the indexer threads will be indexing till eternity,
> so that IndexWriter instance will 
>     never be closed.
> So, you presume that building an application with the above requirements is
> impossible, even with auto-commit set to true. "
> ( If I sound ambiguous at any point, kindly forgive me for my lack of
> language skills. I will try to explain better, if need arises ).
> Looking forward to a reply
> Ajay Garg
> markrmiller wrote:
>> You are correct that autocommit=false means that docs will be in the 
>> index before the last thread releases its concurrent hold on a Writer, 
>> *but because IndexAccessor controls* *when the IndexSearchers are 
>> reopened*, those docs will still not be visible until the last thread 
>> holding a Writer releases it...that is when the reopening of Searchers 
>> occurs as well as when the Writer is closed.
>> - Mark
>> ajay_garg wrote:
>>> Hi. Sorry if I seem a stranger in this thread, but there is something
>>> that I
>>> can't resist clearing myself on.
>>> Mark, you say that the additional documents added to a index, won't show
>>> up
>>> until the # of threads accessing the index hits 0; and subsequently the
>>> indexwriter instance is closed.
>>> But I suppose that the autocommit=true, asserts that all flushed (Added)
>>> documents are immediately committed ( and hence visible ) in the index,
>>> and
>>> no explicit cclosing ( releasiing ) of the Indexwriter instance is
>>> required.
>>> ( Of course, re-opening an IndexSearcher instance is required ).
>>> Am I being dumb ?
>>> Looking eagerly for you to shed some light on my doubt.
>>> Thanks
>>> Ajay Garg
>>> codetester wrote:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> A newbie out here.... I am using lucene 2.3.0. I need to use lucene to
>>>> perform live searching and indexing. To achieve that, I tried the
>>>> following
>>>> FSDirectory directory = FSDirectory.getDirectory(location);
>>>> IndexReader reader = );
>>>> IndexWriter writer = new IndexWriter(directory , new SimpleAnalyzer(),
>>>> true); // <- I want to recreate the index every time
>>>> IndexSearcher searcher = new IndexSearcher( reader );
>>>> For Searching, I have the following code
>>>> QueryParser queryParser = new QueryParser("xyz", new
>>>> StandardAnalyzer());
>>>> Hits hits = searcher .search(queryParser.parse(displayName + "*"));
>>>> And for adding records, I have the following code
>>>>  // Create doc object
>>>>  writer.addDocument(doc);
>>>>  IndexReader newIndexReader = reader.reopen() ;
>>>>  if ( newIndexReader != reader ) {
>>>>        reader.close() ;
>>>>  }
>>>>  reader = newIndexReader ;
>>>>  searcher.close() ;
>>>>  searcher = new IndexSearcher(reader );
>>>> So the issues that I face are 
>>>> 1) The addition of new record is not reflected in the search ( even
>>>> though
>>>> I have reinited IndexSearcher )
>>>> 2) Obviously, the add record code is not thread safe. I am trying to
>>>> close
>>>> and update the reference to IndexSearcher object. I could add a sync
>>>> block, but the bigger question would be that what is the ideal way to
>>>> achieve this case where I need to add and search record real-time ? 
>>>> Thanks !
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