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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: DefaultIndexAccessor
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2008 13:06:43 GMT is the latest one. I will be dating a zip from now on.

I hope to post new code with the warming either tonight or tomorrow night. I would be ecstatic
to have some help vetting that.

Also, I am thinking of making a change so that when you release the Writer the thread that
releases does not block until reopen. I think the original author did this so that if you
add a doc with a thread and then immediately search from the same thread, you are guaranteed
to find the doc. However, this gaurentee did not hold -- if another thread had a reference
to the Writer and a new thread grabbed a Writer and then quicly released before the first
thread, you will have added a doc but it will not be visible until the first thread releases
its reference to the Writer...since the concept is not enforced anyway, you might as well
not block for the final thread that releases the Writer either. Instead I will grab a thread
from a thread pool to do the reopening with that thread, and return right after closing the
Writer. The result is that you cannot add a doc and search and expect to find it without waiting
a second or too. But this way things will be consistent, and an app that adds docs will be
a bit more it wont hang as Readers are being reopened.

I also have to bring the AccessProvider classes back. No easy way to use your own custom Readers
without it...I shouldn't have stripped it out.

- Mark

Cam Bazz wrote:
> Hello,
> Regarding , this seems
> very interesting. I have read the discussion on the page, but I could not
> figure out which set of files is the latest.
> Is it the file?
> I will read through the code, make my own tests, and send some feedback.
> Best.
> -C.B.

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