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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: explain() - fieldnorm
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2008 22:43:12 GMT
: As my subject is telling, i have a little problem with analyzing the
: explain() output.
: I know, that the fieldnorm value consists out of "documentboost, fieldboost
: and lengthNorm". 
: Is is possible to recieve the single values? I know that they are multiplied
: while indexing but
: can they be stored so that i can read them when i analyze my search?

the number of terms the docs have in a given field can be determined by 
doing a nested iteration over a TermEnum and TermDoc and keeping count, 
but there is no way to keep extract the document boost vs the field boost 
-- if you want to know what those were later you have to store them 
yourselves (in a stored field perhaps).

: The Problem is, that i have 2 Documents I want to compare but the only
: difference is the fieldnorm value
: and i don't know which value exactly makes this difference.

typically the answer to that question for me is "length" because i don't 
use field boosts and doc boosts -- if you *do* use field boosts or doc 
boosts, you would typically know what you had, and could check what boost 
values you had used later (based on whatever source you orriginally built 
your index from)


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