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From Marjan Celikik <>
Subject Re: Error tolerant text search with Lucene?
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2008 12:49:55 GMT
Mathieu Lecarme wrote:
>> wever I don't fully understand what do you mean by "iterate over your 
>> query". I would like a conceptual answer how is this done with 
>> Lucene, not a technical one..
> Your query is a tree, with BooleanQuery as branch and other query as 
> leaf. If you wont to transforma query in "tolerant query", you have to 
> change Term query (the leaf), with a "OR"  branch with variant term as 
> leaf.
> To find variant of a term, you have to used a list of your Term and 
> apply a filter to its to group them. Common filter for that are 
> stemming, ngram+levenstein distance, phonetic ...
> M.
OK, now it's more clear.. my final question is when is this filter 
information incorporated.. at index time or at search time? i.e. I want 
to know whether the levenshtein distance is computed at query time or 
this information is precomputed in the index?


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