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From Karl Wettin <>
Subject Re: document boost and omitted norms
Date Sat, 05 Apr 2008 17:47:50 GMT
Karl Wettin skrev:
> Michael McCandless skrev:
>> Karl Wettin wrote:
>>> Is it so that document and field boosts are omitted together with 
>>> Field#setOmitNorms? By setting lengthNorm to 1f in the Similarity for 
>>> these fields and not omitting norms would fix it?
>> >
>> Yes and yes.
> I'm not sure if I do these things backwards or what, but in this case 
> the resolution of the 8 bit float of norms is not enough for me.
> So I patched the norms float table in Similarity to handle the boost 
> values I assign my documents. Discretized 100f-250f in 60 bags and 
> cought up with the default table in 16 more bags.
> But to me it seem as this only works if I also turn off length 
> normalization for all the other fields in my index, as they will affect 
> the value of the norm?
> I could store it in the payloads of my tokens too, but I really don't 
> want payloads on all of them.
> Now I'm thinking it would be nice to store a full float in an optional 
> document boost file. Perhaps with variable bytesize. But that would take 
> a lot of effort to update all related code.
> Is there an easier way out here? Perhaps variable byte size per norms 
> and field? Document payloads? I don't know. Help much appreciated.


What I really try to do is to add a weight to each document based on a 
number of values in the domain object it represents. As I only want to 
add this weight to the documents that match the query I don't can't add 
a query with boosts on these values as that would match all documents.


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