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From "Vaijanath N. Rao" <>
Subject Lucene Indexing structure
Date Sat, 26 Apr 2008 09:01:45 GMT
Hi Lucene-user and Lucene-dev,

I want to use lucene as an backend for the Image search (Content based 
Image retrieval).

Indexing Mechanism:
a) Get the Image properties such as Texture Tamura (TT), Texture Edge 
Histogram (TE), Color Coherence Vector (CCV) and Color Histogram (CH) 
and Color Correlogram  (CC) .
b) Convert each of these vector into String and index into lucene as 
fields, thush each Image (document in terms of lucene) consist of 6 
fields Image name, TT field, TE field, CCV field, CH field and CC field.

Searching Mechanism:
a) For the search Image convert the Image into the above 5 properties.
b) for every field and for every value within the field construct the 
query, For example let's say the user wants to search only Color 
histogram based similarity and the query Image has 3 1 4 5 as the CH 
value the query will look like.
    query = "CH:3 CH:1CH:4 CH:5"
c) for the results returned convert all the field values back into float 
and do the distance computation and re-rank the document with lower the 
distance on the top and larger distance at the bottom.
for example:
    For above query assume that output has two documents
    with one having CH as "1 3 5 4" and other one having CH as " 3 1 5 
4", so the distance computation will rank the second document higher 
than the first.

Obviously there is something wrong with the above approach (as to get 
the correct document we need to get all the documents and than do the 
required distance calculation), but that' due to lack of my knowledge of 
Luce and lucene's Index storage.

What I want to know how to improve upon the exsisting architecture other 
than making number of fields in the lucene equalling to total number of 
feature*size of each feature.

Any other pointer will be welcomed. Is there is any Range tree 
implementation within lucene which I can use for this operation.

--Thanks and Regards
Vaijanath N. Rao

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