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From "Chris Lu" <>
Subject Re: payload performance wrt fieldcache
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2008 15:16:34 GMT
If your index size grows larger, payload method would be more slower.
It's because Payload are read from hard disk. Fieldcache is in the
memory, which is much faster.

Unless you are going with Solid State Disk, you'd better go with
Fieldcache for faster search.

Chris Lu
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On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 7:36 AM, John Wang <> wrote:
> Sorry, gmail was screwy and accidentally sent the msg.
>  Anyway,
>  I have a large index, about 30M docs.
>  I have a date field (by days) and there are about 1000 of them, every doc
>  has a date field filled in.
>  So out of curiosity I index the date field two ways:
>  1) using "date" as a field, and set the date value for each doc.
>  2) new term: "_payload:_val" and added the date (as a long or 8 byte array)
>  into the payload of each doc.
>  loading into an array long[] of length maxdoc of dates, the performance was
>  surprising:
>  using payload is 7 times slower than using fieldcache.
>  At first I thought it was because of the conversion between byte[8] to a
>  long for each doc, I changed it so it loads into byte[8*maxdoc] without
>  doing the conversion, and the result is the same.
>  I then did another experiment:
>  lower the number of dates down to a small number, e.g. 50, and timed field
>  cache load, and it took much longer than when it had 1000.
>  I did some profiling and the profiler is pointing to
>  and TermPositions.nextPosition and TermPositions.getPayload as the culprit.
>  I would think payload would always be faster. Any ideas?
>  Thanks
>  -John
>  On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 7:27 AM, John Wang <> wrote:
>  > Hi:
>  >
>  >

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