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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Searching any part of a string
Date Sat, 28 Jun 2008 00:31:55 GMT

: Thanks for the suggestions. I've used indexed n-grams before to implement
: spell-checking; I think in this case I may take a look at WildcardTermEnum
: and RegexTermEnum. It seems like a good solution because I am doing my own
: results ordering so Lucene's scoring is irrelevant in this case. I wasn't
: aware of these classes so thanks for mentioning them!

using the Enum's directly will help you avoid potential "TooManyClauses" 
exceptions that you would get with a straight WildcardQuery, but it should 
be more efficient to index ngrams and then do a Prefix style search 
because then you can skipTo(yourTerm) and iterate from there.

with WildcardTermEnum if you have a leading wildcard the TermEnum has to 
"next()" over every term inthe field.


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