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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: FileNotFoundException in ConcurrentMergeScheduler
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2008 17:29:33 GMT
Mark Miller wrote:
> Paul J. Lucas wrote:
>> Sorry for the radio silence.  I changed my code around so that a 
>> single IndexReader and IndexSearcher are shared.  Since doing that, 
>> I've not seen the problem.  That being the case, I didn't pursue the 
>> issue.
>> I still think there's a bug because the code I had previously, IMHO, 
>> should have worked just fine.
>> - Paul
> Hey Paul, when I told you that you should be sharing 
> IndexSearcher/Reader's across threads and I thought it was wrong not 
> to, I made the obviously wrong assumption that you either had lots of 
> clients or were not in control of the number of searches that could 
> could come in at once (a webpp on the internet type thing).
> In your simple case, you are certainly right and it should have worked 
> just fine. I was concerned you were generating an unknown number of 
> Readers for every search (which we now know is not an issue). Please 
> disregard all notions that I may have introduced in regards to this 
> being wrong. It is only  in the case of many clients/searches 
> simultaneously that I would consider what I said to be accurate: and 
> even then not everyone is sure to agree with me.
> Again, I apologize for leading you a bit off track. You did double 
> check your Writer handling though? I still don't think anyone has seen 
> your error without using two Writer's simultaneously.
> - Mark

Dont switch back to not sharing! Even your one client must enjoy not 
having to wait for that new Searcher to load up on every search :) 
Especially if you have any sort caches.

- Mark

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