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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Sorting case-insensitively
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2008 21:24:58 GMT

: But how does the built-in STRING sort work with null values then?  And how do
: I make a SortComparitor that works?

Built in string sorting uses FieldCache.DEFAULT.getStringIndex() ... any 
doc without a value ends up without an assignment in StringIndex.order[], 
so it gets the default value of 0.  In most cases only the order[] needs 
to be consulted and the ints are compared -- in the case of a 
RemoteSearcher or something like it, the StringIndex.lookup[] can be 
consulted using the index from StringIndex.order[] -- and the 0th slot 
of StringIndex.lookup[] is null.  
(see FieldSortedHitQueue.comparatorString to see what i mean)

But that doesn't really relate to what you're doing, because it doesn't 
even deal with the SortComparator class -- it returns an 
anonymous direct subclass of ScoreDocComparator.

I suspect the ScoreDocComparator in SortComparator is buggy in that it 
assumes there will be a cachedValue for every ScoreDoc -- even though 
there is no garuntee of that.  if you could submit a test case that 
reproduces this using a trivial subclass (just return the orriginal String 
as the Comparable) that can help us verify the bug and the fix.

Assuming i'm right, I don'treally have any good work arround suggestion 
for you beyond overriding newComparator() in your SortComparator subclass 
to explicitly test for null yourself.

: > what's the full stack trace look like?
: See below.

thanks ... i just wanted to double check there wasn't some a-typical code 
path involved (RemoteMultiSearcher or anything)


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